Chef Owner Larry Abney has been catering weddings, parties and working as a private chef in the Tahoe area for the last 15 years. In the last four years with the addition of the Red Truck and now the Café at the Truckee Tahoe Airport Larry and his team have changed the way Tahoe thinks about throwing a party. With big bold flavors and a kitchen on wheels, there isn’t a party to large or too small that the Red Truck Team can’t handle.


(Hiring the Red Truck for your special event)

Guaranteed Parking CLEARANCE: approximately: 30 feet long x 12 feet wide x 15 feet high weight: 15k lbs.

1. Private parking area or driveway

2. TRUCK DIMENSIONS (trucks vary, please see above clearance needed): Approx: length: 25' height: 14' (open top) 12.5’ (closed top) width: 13’ (side to side width, door panels open) 10’ (closed)

3. Client must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. If, for any reason, Red Truck is unable to park at the event, all monies for the event, in full, will be retained by Red Truck. Red Truck trucks cannot drive up hills with a 30% grade or higher.


Miscellaneous Charges

8.75% Sales tax, 18% Service charge & *Travel Fees (if applicable)

Event price is subject to change based on end times, additional hours, additional guests & location. *Travel fees are applicable to locations 15 miles past our Downtown, Truckee location (for labor & utilities)


Truck Minimum Food Orders:

$600 for 2 hour events
$300 for each additional hour

Due to the nature of this type of event, to-go’s are not allowed.


Sample Catering Packages:

Taco Party $16 per person Unlimited tacos for 2 hours (choice of 4 flavorful fillings)

Tacos, Burritos & Bowls Party $19 per person unlimited for 2 hours (choice of 4 flavorful fillings)

Tacos, Burritos, Bowls & Naanwich Party $21 per person unlimited for 2 hours (choice of 4 flavorful fillings) Flavors: Tikka Masala Chicken, Adana Pork, Coconut Lamb (add $1 per guest), Moroccan Beef, Tandori Tilapia (seared or in pakora batter), Gyro Lamb, Seasonal Vegetable Gashi, Falafel Fritters

Extras: Naan Dogs always changing, $2 per guest Samosas, potato and pea with mint chutney, $2.5 per piece Curry and Hummus Chips, $2 per guest Chips and Red Truck Salsas $2 per guest Red Truck Salad, $2 per guest Red Velvet Cupcakes, $3 each Mango Lassi, $2 per guest Seasonal Agua Fresca, $2 per guest

Kid Options: Plain Dog or Cheese Quesadilla
Kids under 12 are $10


Private Chef Services: Chef Larry Abney with over 18 years of fine dining experience and a depth of knowledge in several different cuisines can come to your home to create that special evening for your small or large party

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